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HS Arun Returns to Dallas June 27-30, 2024 

YogaMart is happy to announce HS Arun’s return to Dallas with an Iyengar Yoga Workshop at the White Rock YMCA. 

HS Arun is fun, patient, knowledgeable and creative. His workshops are filled with hard work and joy. He has a way of getting more from his students than they thought possible.

H.S. Arun began studying with Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar in 1978 and maintained a close personal relationship for nearly 40 years until his mentor passed. For 35 years Arun’s center, Prashant Yogashraya in Bangalore, India has advanced the teaching of B.K.S. Iyengar. In addition in 2016 Prashant Yogashraya Ramanagar Center (PYRC) in Ramanagar, India was established. This center allows experienced practitioners to enliven and rejuvenate their practice. Each year since 2000 he has traveled throughout North and South America, Asia and Europe sharing his practice with a devoted following of students. Arunji has written many books including, most recently, Experiment and Experience On The Chair...The Yoga Way.

The workshop will be held at: White Rock YMCA. 7112 Gaston Ave. Dallas, TX 75214 

Bring your own mat. Other props will be available. Six months previous Iyengar yoga experience required. There are locker rooms available, bring your own padlock.  All classes in Person, no Zoom, no recordings.

Please, DO NOT phone the YMCA with questions. Direct questions to:

Yoga Mart 214-238-2433 or to register online

All 4 sessions: $245 

Fri, Sat, Sun only $185

Bonus Thursday Class 6/27 2:00-4:30 $65

Friday 6/28 4:30-6:30 PM $55

Saturday 6/29 2:00- 4:30 PM $65

Sunday 6/30 9:00AM -12:00 PM $75

All classes in Person, no Zoom, no recordings.

Go to classes page to enroll.

New Class!!

Restorative/Therapeutic - 10:00AM Fridays 

Each class will be restorative in nature, using bolsters, blankets, rope wall and other props. Classes will have a topic, such as low back pain, allergy relief, knee strengthening or headache relief.  No matter the topic the practice will have a restorative effect. 

Sign up for the Zoom class and you will receive the class recording. 

Do not let class time limit your practice.

May 10 - Bone Health

May 17 - 

May 24 - Scoliosis

May 31 - Nervous System - Chronic Fatigue

COVID-19 Policies and Procedures at Yoga Mart

To attend class in studio: 
Pre-registration for class is required, up to 6 vaccinated students are allowed in studio.
Bring your own mat .
Wash or Sanitize hands before entering the classroom 
A towel must be placed on any prop if the face or head will touch that prop. These towels are provided, washed and sanitized between uses. 

Retail Store and Manufacturing Location:

2201 Tucker St. Suite 101, Dallas TX 75214.

It is across from Arboretum Village, up the hill behind Andrea's Restaurant. The new space has a larger classroom with a bamboo floor.

New Yoga Mart USA Studio StorefrontNew Yoga Mart USA Studio Storefront
Street View of Yoga Mart Bldg - Apt Bldg Behind itStreet View of Yoga Mart Bldg - Apt Bldg Behind it

 Students In Studio

Policy revised 8/1/2023

  • Only 6 vaccinated students in the classroom pre-registration is required
  • Bring your own mat
  • No physical adjustments

Wash your hands, get some sunshine, eat good food, sleep well.


* * * * * * * *

*Bolsters, Pranayama pillows, Sandbags

*Straps 6', 8', 12'

*Mat bags and other carriers

*Wood props - block, slant plank, stump, back bender

All lovingly and locally made in Dallas, Texas.  Yoga Mart is the only retailer for Second Nature Pillow Co. All Second Nature products are also made in Dallas and they include, Zafu, mediation cubes, buckwheat sleeping pillows and more.  

YogaMartUSA has become an excellent resource for many hard-to-find books published in India.

Sampling of various bolsters, mats, mat bags, blankets, t-shirts, etc. available at the Yoga Mart USA Store

Inside New Studio

Yoga Mart USA new Studio Rope WallNew Studio Rope Wall
New Studio Warm Bamboo FloorsNew Studio Warm Bamboo Floors

Marj is shown in a Restorative Pose, utilizing various Accessories & Props that she either designs and manufactures or supplies through her Shopping Cart.

Marj Rash

As our name implies, we are a quality designer and producer of Yoga accessories. However, Marj Rash dedicates many hours teaching Iyengar Yoga throughout the Dallas area. Many students love her style of working with them to achieve a greater Yoga experience so Marj travels to several different locations to help students enjoy her years of teaching experience.

In honor of the teaching of Yogacharya BKS Iyengar, 10% of profit on sales through this website will be donated to the Bellur Project.


Yoga Mart USA in Dallas Texas,  provides certified Iyengar classes as well as Yoga Props, Accessories, Supplies and Apparel

For information about our classes and locations, please take a look at our Classes page.

Yoga Mart
2201 Tucker St, Suite 101
Dallas, TX  75214
(214) 238-2433

We have a great Dallas Area Map on our Classes Page

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