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Yoga Classes are held in our studio ~ New Location ~ 2201 Tucker St, Suite 101, Dallas ~ as well a couple other locations throughout East Dallas. Marj Rash, owner of Yoga Mart USA, is an Intermediate Junior II Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor.

Look at the Map below to determine which location is best for you.

Private session (1or 2 people) $100 at Yoga Mart

$115 at your place within 5 mile radius of Yoga Mart

Further distances by quote

New Studio!

New Warm Bamboo FloorNew Warm Bamboo Floor
New Studio Rope WallNew Studio Rope Wall

Typical Week of Yoga Mart Classes & Locations
Look at MindBody for individual class topics and cancellations.

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Class Charges - Individuals

(Re-occurring Private class 6-8 people $380/month of 4 classes )

1.5 Hour Classes

single $16

10 - $125

3 - $46

4 - $60

5 - $76

6 - $87

7 - $96

8 - $105

9- $114

10-1.5 hour class series $125

1.25 Hour Class

single $14

2 - $26

3 - $39

4 - $53

5 - $65

Series classes expire 3 months from date of purchase

Beginner and Level I series prices are listed below with the dates

Need a party idea?  How about a yoga Bachelorette party?

Spa Day? Birthday party?

Parties quoted per event.

Beginner Series- for those people with little or no yoga experience and those returning to yoga practice after an absence.  The series begins at the beginning and methodically builds through a series of poses to give a foundation of poses that one will be able to build on for years.  Emphasis on standing poses, forward bends and shoulder stand.

Level 1- Building on the poses learned in the beginner series with the addition of simple back bends, revolved standing poses, shoulder stand variations, headstand and twists.  Use of wall ropes in most classes at Yoga Mart.

Level 2- Refining the poses from Level I with the addition of headstand variations, intermediate back bends, Padmasana and hand balances. Use of wall ropes in most classes at Yoga Mart.

Level 3- Refining the poses from Level II with the addition of headstand twist variations, challenging shoulder stand variations, and Padmasana variations. Use of wall ropes in most classes at Yoga Mart.

Restorative Pose
Restorative Pose

Restorative Yoga - This is a slower paced class utilizing props to support the body and create deep transformation. Each class will have a theme however everyone will get a great restorative experience.

Common themes are: Headache Relief; Aw, My Aching Back!; Insomnia Relief; Pain in the Neck and Shoulders and Yoga to the Bone.

Friday 5:30 - 7:00 PM

11/10 - Headache Relief

11/17 - Anxiety Relief

11/24 - No class Happy Thanksgiving

12/1 - Boost Your Immune System

In case of inclement weather, when DISD cancels classes, Yoga Mart also cancels classes.

Classes held at Landry Fitness and YMCA are cancelled at the health club's discretion. 

 Yoga Mart uses Mind Body Software 

for class sign up.

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You may get started on the laptop and tap into your account via "Mind Body Connect" app

Here is a great article

The No. 1 Myth About Yoga (And How Learning The Truth Can Change Your Life)

posted in the Huffington Post on May 15, 2014, by Taylor Wells,

founder and owner of Prana Power Yoga™ (with five studios in Massachusetts and New York), author of Create the Best Life Ever and a United Nations Yoga Peace Ambassador

  ***  Special Topic Classes ***

November 19 9:00 AM - Back bends on Ropes and Chairs

November 25 9:00 AM - Forward Bends on Ropes and Chairs

November 29 6:00 PM - Inversions and Pranayama

These classes are peppered throughout the month.  Check on MindBody site to see the dates and sign up.

Please enroll in advance.  It really helps to plan the class if it is known in advance who is going to attend.

Restorative Pose

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Store Holiday Hours

Monday 2:00pm-6:30pm ~ Tuesday 12:00pm-5:00pm ~ Wednesday 1:30-5:30pm ~ Thursday 12:00-5:30pm ~ Friday 12:00-3:00pm ~ Saturday 11:00am-3:00pm ~ Sunday closed

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